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Church Security Strategic Overview
NOTE: I'm sharing this from me to you personally; this is not to be considered Official CCU material, please. (I spent all of two hours creating this to help emphasize some talking points before making a presentation). 

Other notes:

> A "Tier 1" proactive stance should ideally include an armed and radio-linked exterior perimeter reactionary (door guard, standing outside the main entrance or in a foyer with good visibility to the outside) or perimeter team trained in body language with a friendly approach to strangers who also has de-escalation training and 'mentally disturbed person management' training -- and even as much as a parking lot patrol. This fact isn't listed on this document because I was told ahead of time that the security perimeter could only exist within the actual church walls

> "Body count probabilities in the event of a single shooter attack"  listed in black at the bottom were leveraged as a persuasive tactic, seeking to help those in the room better understand the potential costs of inaction. Admittedly, this is not a very palatable tactic to leverage, but I wasn't sure how these thoughts would be received and wanted to make sure it wouldn't be brushed off.

Update from December 2019: The shooting at the West Freeway Church in Texas demonstrated why I still suggest a '0-3' body count is possible/likely in the event of an attack on a church with excellent 'Tier 3 tactics'. There we saw that even when 2 armed men are in the immediate proximity of someone who moves toward violence, the initiative-advantage the threat has means that he's all but guaranteed to get shots off before he can be dealt with.

> There is no possibility for an electronic security camera overlook or centralized security positioning in this church (to say nothing of our church culture). Practicing a 2,000 year old faith inside a 150 year old building can cause some practical limitations for security, to say the least ;)

> Final note: The "ushers" referenced within the PDF are a pre-existing group of volunteers, mostly elderly men who do not carry concealed.
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